She Rides, Interview with Dirt Bike Danger aka Maiah Hamocon


She Rides is a series of interviews with inspirational women trail riders.  This week we interview rider Maiah Hamocon.  Maiah, also known as Dirt Bike Danger, is an amateur EnduroCross and trail rider, social media influencer, digital video creator and full-time student studying aeronautics maintenance technology. At only 18 years old, the Maiah is not only a hammer on a dirt bike but an inspiring young women with a bright future ahead of her.  Read on to find out more about her and her riding story.

How old were you when you started riding?

“I started learning how to ride when I was five, but took a long break and didn’t really start riding again until I was around ten or eleven.  After that I really got into it, and have been riding just about every weekend since.  Recently, I started going Saturday and Sunday.”

What kind of dirt bike do you currently ride?

“Right now I ride a 2017 KTM 150 SX, it’s super light and has more than enough power to pull me around.  It’s perfect for me!”

What is your must have riding accessory?

“My GoPro, I started getting into filming 6 years ago, and I really like being able to capture all the fun share it afterward. In 2014 I stared my YouTube Channel, Dirt Bike Danger, where I post my riding videos.  In the beginning everything was shot with my GoPro, I only recently started using other cameras, but I still got to have my GoPro.”

What’s in your pack?

“Snacks, mostly snacks, but I also carry a small tool pouch with tools so I can work on my bike.  In the tool pouch I have things like a spark plug, spark plug wrench, pliers, and zip ties.  All small but useful stuff to get you back to your truck if something breaks.”

Describe your ideal trail ride:

“My favorite is single track, but anything with nice views or different scenery is always fun too.  I love going out faraway where you can get a different perspective than everyone else.  When you get deeper into the forest in Hawaii you find different man-made things hidden away and forgotten, and even different types of plants and ecosystems.”

Why do you love trail riding?

“I’m in it for the adventure and being able to be out on the bike in the trails, add in a good group of friends, and it makes it even better.  There’s just something about being out there with your crew.  Some of my favorite rides are out in Helemano with a group of my friends.  Out there is always an adventure, going through river beds and muddy trails, and spending the night camping.”

You kicked butt at your first EnduroCross last year, how would you describe the experience and what are your plans for racing in the future?

“EnduroCross Costa Mesa was really fun, and I would totally do again.  I am hoping to go again after graduation because I’ll have a break in my schedule before starting my career.  I’ve also always dreamed of riding the GNCC, but that’s all the way over on the East coast so it’s a bit more complicated from Hawaii.   It would also be awesome to do any of the Hare Scramble or Sprint Races out in California since it’s closer and I’ve only ever raced that style of race here on Oahu.”

If you had one piece of advice for women getting into riding what would it be?

“Go for it and don’t give up! In the beginning everyone knows how challenging it can be, but it’s so worth it when you pass that point.”


If you’re inspired or want to learn more about Dirt Bike Danger, follow her on Instagram or YouTube, and don’t forget to comment, like, or subscribe, to Trail Rider Mama if you would like to read more stories about riding from a female perspective.

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